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Black Mirror Podcast

White Christmas

S2E4: Special. 

This one has to be me Favorite Episode so far with so many twists and turns it doesn't fail to keep you at the edge of your seat wondering what is going on throughout the entire episode.


Attack of the Loose Duce

This is the second telling of this story on "The HohO Show" the first time was audio only, this time, i added video


A Truckers Life

A video compilation of multiple videos and even more clips put together in primarily time lapsed.

How many places do you recognize

Call in Guests

The Dawn of a New Era

With special Call-in Guest, Alex Exum, Host of 'The Exum Experience' and 'Live Talk'

Test Run Blooper

There is a Reason i do Test Runs...

This is an Example

*WARNING* Language


Pre 4th Extravaganza - A Fight for the 2nd

A Pre 4th Party.


There is Something Very Wrong with Us

I'll just let this one speak for itself.


Guns, The Wall, Guns on the Wall???

Good Episode, hope you...